Sid Tan

   Year Graduated: 1968


I was suppose to graduate in 1967 but flunked. But I did graduate a year later and attended Mount Royal Junior College in Calgary, eventually graduating from the University of Calgary with a liberal arts degree in sociology/psychology. Concurrently, I had married Loraine Michaloski from North Battleford and together we had a daughter and son. We moved to British Columbia where I got work at Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster and was accepted for graduate school at the University of British Columbia. My years there were unremarkable and I eventually gave up on a career in research and academia. Shortly after, Loraine and I went our separate ways. I remained pretty much a free spirit, self-employed by running my own small businesses (advertising sales, video production, communications). Currently, commercial and creative writing provides a modest livelihood. I am a regular contributor to the Columbia Journal and Shared Vision, progressive monthly magazines in Greater Vancouver. A recent writing contract I did at is about Canadians of Asian Heritage Who Inspire Us . A Google search of "Sid Tan" and "Sid Chow Tan" will turn up some of my attempts at wordsmithing. I get asked to speak often about community organising and the honourariums and fees help pay the bills, along with small sponsorships from producing EarthSeen and Saltwater City, weekly community television programs. Over the years, I help found and build many organisations in Vancouver to fill community and personal needs. This with encouragement from my children have made my life rich and interesting. My daughter Kalee, who tried a few years of college, lives nearby and is a professional poker player. Through her, I am a grandfather to Zuva. My son Jordan, a Carleton University journalism and UBC law graduate, is a recent member of the New York bar and lawyering in Sydney, Australia. In 2003, I spent Christmas and New Years in Singapore when Jordan and Sen got married at the storied Raffles Hotel. Sen, whose family surname is also Tan, is Singaporean with business and law degrees working with an international management consultant company. Life is good and the pluses far outweigh the negatives. I am in a healthy and socially conscious immediate family surrounded by a network of good friends both young and old which includes the mother of my children. With many fond memories of Battleford, it is often relaxing to recall the friends and carefree days of my childhood and youth there.

NOTE: Sid is active in many Chinese - Canadian causes visit this link to view a Video clip of Sid and his Grandmother.