Lynda Stensrud (Turner)

E-mail: Lynda Turner
   Year Graduated: 1963


Hi again. I'll give you a little rundown of my life since leaving B.C.I. I married Murray Larmour on Nov.30,1963 just six months after grad. We have three daughters;

Lindsay born in 1966, Glenda in 1968 and Valerie in 1971. We separated in 1978 and in 1980 I married Lloyd Turner of Battleford. We moved to Gull Lake in 1993. Lloyd passed away in Jan. 2000 and I have remained here. I am a supervisor at Sarcan Recycling and just recently met a very nice man whom I am now living with.

Lindsay is married, has two sons Dallas (14) and Dylan (12). They live in Maidstone, SK. Glenda and her husband and daughters Delainey(10) and Nicola (8) live on a farm near Maidstone.Val has ventured a little farther from home.She is living in Oakland, California. She and her husband have a five month old son, Theo.She has lived in Toronto, Nice, France and now in CA. It is real nice as it gives us a new and interesting place to visit each time she moves.

I live a pretty quiet and uneventful life. Besides working and visiting grandkids once in a while I'm pretty much a homebody. If I come up with any interesting stories about the good old days at B.C.I. I'll pass them along. Keep in touch.