Elaine Risdale

E-mail: nthewheel@yahoo.com
   Year Graduated: 1965


I left Battleford to pursue a career in Nursing, graduating with my R.N. from Victoria Union - Prince Albert in 1968, a nursing career that lasted 32+ years until my retirement in Oct 2000.

I married Neil Christopherson May 14, 1971 and we have 3 children.

Joel (1975) is a teacher living in Regina. He spent 3 years in Taiwan teaching English as a second language to children. While there he did a lot of travelling, particularly to the places most recently devasted by the Tsunamai. Ingrid (1977) lives in Two Hills Alberta. She started out in business Admin-Marketing then decided to change careers and is now an x-ray tech, a job she much enjoys. Lindsay (1985) is attending the University of Regina, College of Fine Arts - Film & Video production.

My retirement years so far have been filled with reading, tending my flower beds in summer and some curling in the winter. I am a member of our church UCW and am Treasurer for the Sunday School.I also belong to K-ettes, and am on the Sask Housing Board and a member of the Community Health Advisory Committee.

My Dad, Gerald Risdale, a BCI Alumnus passed away in Oct 1999. Mom - Evelyn is still active and lives in Saskatoon.

POINT OF INTEREST - Mr. Nestor Huculak taught at Sturgis Composite High School early in his career.

One of my most vivid memories of BCI is the boys going to the pool hall(boys only establishment) and when they didn't show up for classes Mrs. Sternig marched down and brought them back to school.

Elaine Christopherson
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Sturgis, Sask
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