Gerald McMaster

E-mail: Gerald McMaster
   Year Graduated: 1972


What a surprise to discover this site! In fact, it's a sight for sore eyes. What a trip down memory lane! I still have my Year Book from 1969 and occasionally check it out. Since I graduated from BCI and NBCHS, I've had and continue to have a wonderful career in the museum world of art. Just recently I became the Curator of Canadian Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto (check out our web-site; we're opening our new building in 2008); from 2000-2005 I worked for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC; before that, for close to twenty years, I worked at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. Some former students will remember that art (and sports) was a passion of mine. Over the years and much to my surprise, I've run into former students. Happily, when I viewed class reunion photos on this web-site, I recognized many names. Oh how we've all changed. Hopefully someday I will run into more former students. Fortunately, my mother continues to live in Battleford and once a year I manage to visit her; this, of course, brings back fond memories of my growing years in Battleford. Best wishes to all you.