Jim Kinnee

E-mail: jim@timelesstech.com
   Year Graduated: 1963


After High School I stayed on the farm for awhile, got married in 1968 to Sharon White from North Battleford. Moved to British Columbia shortly after where I worked in a lumber mill for a couple of years. Got into the land and property development business on Vancouver Island for about 10 years. While travelling we came across Prince Edward Island and loved it, bought a home here and raised our six children, 5 girls and a boy (Meredith, Erin, Clancey, Holly, Meaghan, Miles). I worked for the Gov't of PEI as the Manager of the Regional Services Centre in Montague for twelve years.

In 1995 one of my son in laws and I founded Timeless Technologies Inc. I have been semi retired for a couple of years now and spend a lot of time playing golf in the summer. In the spring of 2005 I started a blog and periodically update it. Its a kind of therapeutic thing and sometimes I surprise myself with what comes out, if anyones interested you can visit Anyone for Golf.

Life has been kind to me, I enjoy being around my 13 grand children and living the good life here on PEI. I would love to hear from anyone as I have lost contact not having any Saskatchewan connections anymore.

I finally joined the ranks of the "boomers" with wheels. I always wanted a motorcycle but just couldn't bring myself to bring one home until a few weeks ago when I arrived home on a 1995 Honda Shadow. Now I don't know why I never got one sooner, I am enjoying it very much and love nothing better on a nice afternoon than to put on cowboy boots, leather jacket and hit the roads with all the other grizzled grey haired and bearded bandits living the life and pretending they've still got it. Just came across this picture of my children that was posted on Clanceys fridge so I thought I would put it on my page.

Finally made it back to Battleford this summer. left PEI with absolutely no planning, jumped in the van and three and half days later was there. Had a wonderful time visiting places that were so familiar to me years ago. I was surprised how beautiful the countryside was, I guess when you are younger you don't notice those things. Took a walk across the old bridge ( brough back memories Nels Anderson passing a car on it at about 3 in the morning in that old 53 brown Ford he had and we thought nothing of it - it would turn my hair white now to do something like that) and got some great pictures. maybe it was because the weather was so nice, but I just didn't remember it being so pretty. Played about 5 rounds of golf and did some sightseeing. Had a wonderful time with Ed Scotton as we tooled around the country remembering people and parties and the things that made growing up so special.