Cam Innes

E-mail: Cam Innes
   Year Graduated: 1950


I received a letter from the BCI Alumnus Assoc. and I thought I would send along a picture for the photo page. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the players except for the gentleman in the suit, my father, Campbell Innes. He was the principal of the school and I understand also coached this team as well as their football team. He never played either sport, but apparently the collegiate had a good reputation in the province for athletic activities. I attended BCI from 1947 to 1949 but actually finished my Grade XII in 1950 at St. Thomas College. I loved playing hockey for BCI Collegiate and the Battleford Millers, actually playing against St. Thomas. If we managed to win I certainly received the “old raspberry” from my classmates at the college! Your initiative in producing this website is very commendable and I am sure it will create a great deal of interest in the many students who attended over the years. Best Regards. Cam Innes 815 Seamist Place, Victoria, B.C. V8Y 2R4