Phillip Hagele

   Year Graduated: 1951


I was surprised , much to my delight that not only "The Battlefords" but that BCI also has a web site. I went through all the information and recognised some of the perople I knew not only at BCI but also from the country grade school that I attended for the lower grades.

My name is Phillip Hagele and I attended Cleveland elementary school in the country , between Battleford and Wilkie ,off of Old Highway #29 this was the same school attened by the Imbeau family Evelyn, Flora, Margaret, Cliffor and Leon, the Bauer family Fred, Helen and Janet , Mary was just a baby so didn't know her, The Draper family Ernie and Elsie, and Ruth Hennessy , Margaret Piot, The Siene family

My family moved to the big city of Battleford from the farm in late summer 0f 49 , I attended BCI from then on until late 1950 , I had a Job opportunity offered me in Fort William / Port Arthur area that was to good to turn down, as unless you were a farmer their wasn't much opportunity in the Province at that time.

The teachers I remember are Miss Henry, Mr Fielding and Mr Williams , there were several others but I can't remember their names , could not have impressed me much. Some of the students I remember were Doug and Don Light, Fred Moore, ( who was my best friend) Robert Boyer, Doug Smart, Daryl Penn.

Of course all the girls that stayed at the boarding home , Girl students from neighboring areas,Marion Schwan Joyce and Ruby Revel . I remember all the many fine nights that we spend at the ice skating rink , if not skating , to watch the Battleford Millerhockey team , play some of their fantastic hockey , At the Curling rink as everyone was on a team or two. or over at the local pool hall, where we spent many school hours also playing hookey from Mrs Henry's typing class.

I worked at the Northwest Mounted Police Museum for several summers and also drove delivery truck for Mike Schwan's delivery service , One summer I worked at the " Millworks" place In North Battleford, They were making wood windows and puttying the glass, thousands of them for the new hospital that was being built.

I moved to Northern Ontario and eventually made my way to southern Ontario the Niagara Falls / St Catharines area.

I was playing in a country western band in and around Hamilton, Toronto and and local region , The opportunity came up to enter the USA as an entetainer , which I did but the rest of the band could not obtain green cards so the band disbanded shortly after that.

I ended up going back my mechanical Engineering skills and went to work for a Aircraft / AeroSpace company in a city outside of Detroit, Fourteen years later I went to work for General Motors Corporation at the Truck Headquarters In Pontiac MIch ( Outside of Detroit ) I spent the last 30 years of my working career, in the purchasing / supplier tooling departments for General Motors I am now retired with a beautiful wife of 43 years four daughters " two of which are twins" and 7 grandchildren the youngest being 6 months

If any of the people I have mentioned above read this I would appreciate hearing from them
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