Gary Foster

   Year Graduated: 1968



Thanks again for taking the time and putting together since a site. I enjoy checking it from time to time. I have little update for you. I don't know if any of our people went to school with my brother Maurice "Moe" Foster, I believe that he went to school in the 50's or even maybe the 40's. Can't remember what he told me now. He went into the navy, and spend all his time out here in Victoria. He told about the web site orginally sometime ago. Anyway he passed on from brain cancer just under a year ago. Sorry for the delay, I just wasn't thinking till was checking the site. I do community health here in Victoria and think I may have cared for your late father. He asked my name and where did I come from. Told him and said he knew my late father. He also went to BCI , along with all his brothers and sister. My father was L. Douglas Foster, he was raised at Denholm. Keep up the good work. It is most interesting to us out of town types. Gary D. Foster