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David Degenstien

   Year Graduated: 1968


I graduated in June, 1968 and spent the next full school year in Cross Lake, Manitoba working as a teacher-aide for Dept. of Indian Affairs, after an intensive six-week program at the University of Manitoba. Great experience, and a wonderful way to discover I didn't want to spend my life as a teacher.

After that I went out to Vancouver, where I worked and went to night-school, earning a Certificate in Broadcasting. I got my first broadcasting job at CJNB in North Battleford, and stayed there for almost 3 years as the evening rock 'n roll disc-jockey. Over the next few years I worked at CFMQ-FM and CKCK Radio & TV in Regina, and at CFMC-FM in Saskatoon.(great fun money!)

In June 1975 I married Linda Racicot, and in the fall we moved to Regina and a new job as an communications officer with the provincial government. I continued to work part-time as a radio announcer at CKCK radio thru most of the 1980's. Linda and I have four children: Lori (1976), Shari (1978), Teri (1986) and Daniel (1988). I worked briefly in the private sector in the 1980's, but after almost 20 years in government I left in 2003 to pursue semi-retirement and a new career in financial planning.

I was the last of the Degenstien clan to graduate from the old BCI (along with my older sisters Diana, Edna, and Patricia. Older brother Todd attended but left early) before it was rolled into the Comprehensive Highschool in North Battleford. Linda and I have attended several of the BCI reunions over the years and always enjoy seeing old friends.