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Harvey Frizzell at the Dance

In June of 62 the BCI graduation dance, or prom, took place in the old town hall - a cavernous room with a stage and good hardwood floor.

The decorations were breathtaking; the lights were turned down: the girls were beautiful in their gowns and corsages; the guys were handsome in their new suits - one or two even had rented tuxes. Many of the above were carefully avoiding close contact with all teachers - especially Jean Sternig -after having had a drink or two between banquet and dance.

The band, a new group from the metropolis of Speers, was giving forth with a very loud mixture of electric guitars and drums. After about half an hour of this, there was a pause in the music. The young, 24 year old Math teacher, Harvey Frizzell, stamped out into the middle of the floor and bellered as only he could beller, "For God's sake you guys! Is that the only tune you know?"

Without even a gasp, the band leader grabbed his mic and replied, "OK DAD, this one's just for you!" With that, they picked up horns and a keyboard, etc. and gave forth with a dreamy waltz.

Contributed by Fred Buglas who taught Social Studies at BCI.