This Website is for former students of Battleford Collegiate Institute to register information about themselves. It will help you get in contact with classmates that you have not heard of since you left school and to read about what others have been doing? I notice that many people that visit the site do not send any information in even though they come back different times to check on things. Take a few minutes to let me know where you are and what you have been doing there are lots of former students who are interested.

I received an email from Ron Sack with some information about quite a few former BCI students and teachers so here it is.

  • Nestor Huculak is retired and still living in Battleford, same house he has always lived in.

  • Fred Buglas is retired and living in Saskatoon

  • Mrs Sealy and Mrs. Sternig have both passed away.

  • Reg Frolek is still living on the farm and is still farming.

  • Gail Edinger who married Alvin Welychko and raised two 2 sons have now retired and live full time at the lake (Cochin)

  • Don Hilsendager retired from a government job and now looks after the sports hall of fame in N.B.

  • Mary Bauer married Edgar Phelps and they live on the farm 1/2 way between B'ford & Wilkie
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  • Ken Jamieson married Judy Sayers and still reside on the farm at Table Hill.

  • Mary Ann Kowalski married Brian Sayers and now reside in N.B.

  • Brenda Marr married George Van Der Loos and after moving around have retired to the Lake (Meota)

  • Shirley Sheppard married Garry Liebel and they reside in Saskatoon.

  • Keith Smith married Shirley Edwards and they reside in Edmonton.

  • Linda Wallace married Larry Huber lives in Prince Albert.

  • Cameron Sternig married Donna Sprecker is a retired teacher & lives in Battleford.

  • Gerry McNabb was married, lost his wife to cancer, has 2 daughters and lives in N.B.

  • Murray Greenwood is a lawyer and lives in N.B.

  • Dorothy Jamieson married Nels Andersen, they live in Meadow Lake.

  • Ed Scotton lives in Battleford.

  • Robert Gobert married Anne Keller and reside in Battleford next door to Ron Sack at West Park ( formely know has the Hoover Place on the hill going to Cut Knife accross the river from the ole swimming hole)

  • Joan Sheppard lives in Saskatoon.

  • George Bauer is married and lives in N.B.

  • I set up Google analytics on the site a while ago to get an idea about traffic and the site averages 3 visitors a day. Over the last couple of days people from Brisbane, Australia, Atlanta Georgia, Meadow Lake, Regina and Buffalo Narrows have been on the site. I am amazed at the variety of places around the world that are searching for Battleford, On the same day awhile ago the site was accessed from, Tokyo, Cairo, Houston and Vancouver, what a small world we are living in.

    Mar 2/05 I just received the first correspondence from a former teacher Mr. Fred Buglas who taught Social Studies when I was attending in 61 - 63. He sent along a couple of memories which you can find in that section.

    Please send me a few lines about yourself, include what you have been doing and some contact information, I'll put it in the "Alumni" section. If you attach a photo I'll include that as well. Visit the memories section and think about sending in some of the things you remember about the "wonder years" at BCI.

    Since the mailing by the reunion committee in Jan I can see an increase in the number of people viewing the site and I have received about a dozen emails. The more alumni that respond the more interesting it will become. I know my children and grand children have been interested in finding out what it was like in the "olden days" and that I did have a former life before I changed my name to "Grandpa".

    If anyone has any pictures of BCI or class photos from the yearbooks I would be happy to post them on the site if you can get them to me. Scan them and send them as an email attachment. Thanks to Edna Wasmuth (Degenstien), Clay Sheppard, Ted Sealy and David Degenstien for photos. And what a great photo from Cam Innes of the 1928 - 29 baseball team. Feb 17, 2005 I just opened my mail and there is a bunch of photos from Elaine Risdale including some of freshie day at Battleford.

    If you have any suggestions or information about former students please email it to me at garfield3182@yahoo.ca I'd love to hear from you.

    Jim Kinnee, Class of 63